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Mixed Media


My mixed media work can involve anything from digital photography and computer enhancement, to mixing medias on canvas (usually exploring textures through acrylic, glue, sand and paper).

The emphasis is always on experimenting and being in the moment. It is allowing yourself the time to find new things, play with techniques and to express what really interests you.



Currently I have 3 pieces (not featured here) on display in the Home Decor and Cafe shop Mooch1, Garden Street, St. Anne's. Open Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 4.30pm

Unless you are present at every sale, it is difficult to know where your art will be going. The best thing for me is the interaction with my buyer, getting to know them and seeing how they react to my work. Most of my sales are from the lovely people in the North West, but I am also proud to say that some of my work is now hanging in Cornwall, Newcastle, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

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