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MA Fine Art Studio Practice, University of Central Lancashire (2013).

BA Fine Art with Professional Practice, First Class Honours, Blackpool and Fylde University Centre (2011).

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, Merit, Blackpool and Fylde College (2007)

I am a mixed media artist which primarily means that I can create a dialogue with my materials and work in a form which conveys my message best; this could be a simple graphite drawing, photography of a decisive moment in my process, or more complex textural, surface work. 


My overal work can be broken up into four main strands:

- the first being the pieces I create on large, unstretched canvas material, looking closely at my passion and strong belief that Art is a necessary tool for self-expression and for healing. Often this involves personal prose, self-projections and macro photography.

- the second is my love of the sculptural form and my depiction of 'Angels' 

- the third strand is my love and fascination with monoprinting

- and the final strand is the abstract, playful, colourful true mixed media pieces (acrylic based with glue,sand, paper or even computer manipulated images from my work).


Whatever form my Art takes, it is always made with a genuine exploration of connection with my materials. The by-product, in effect is the finished piece, where it is hoped that it then goes on to form a connection with the viewer.


MA Dissertation: Beyond the Surface - Identity, Communication and Catharsis


      For me art has always been about the journey, not from A to B but to a personal unidentifiable place or location. Part journal, part         prose, part theoretical, this dissertation integrates the whole creative process, the stimulus for it, the contained and controlled               images of art making, but also aims to go beyond the visual. Extracting the moment within the moment. The finished product                 stands as a statement, a reflection of what is inside and the power of creative engagement. I have introduced myself as a person
      and my personal struggles have taken centre stage for my creative journey, in a continuous quest to understand myself through
      my art.


BA Dissertation: Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes: Exploring the Building as Metonymy through my Photography and Art



Eve Magazine Supplement Article (Blackpool Gazette) - September 2011

Blackpool Gazette Article - November 2012


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