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Fylde Community Arts Projects (FyldeCAP)


Fylde Commmunity Arts was founded in 2007 to help bring all levels of artists together socially and through exhibitions and regular events.

I have been involved with FyldeCAP now for 3 years, being it's Art Co-ordinator for the annual Art and Photography Competition and Exhibition held at Marsh Mill. My duties for the group involve project management, curation, administration, publicity and marketing, poster design, sourcing local sponsorship, sales, meeting and greeting, head judge for the competition and providing overall encouragement and mentoring of artists. 




We have just completed a Creative writing and illustration project (2013-14). We worked closely with
Year 5 children in 3 Blackpool schools, to help encourage them to explore creativity through use of their imagination. We achieved this through interaction, group work, inspirational material and encouragement. The end result is this beautiful, modern, unique book created by the chldren for the children, their parents, teachers and beyond. The project ended with a celebratory event attended by the Mayor of Blackpool and various Councillors. 


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